Final event of the contest developed in collaboration with RDS 100% Grandi Successi to find the female co-star of the "Divo Nero – Opera Rock".

Open: Nero looks for Poppea - final event

Pictures from the press conference held in the former seat of the Roman Senate, right inside the Forum, in the presence of the creative and productive team who will be working on the show.

Open: Curia Julia - 18/10/2016

From February the 4th 2017, immersive reality and video story present Nero’s villa in an unprecedented way.

Open: The Domus Aurea: Nero's Golden House as you've never seen it before

Under the kind watch of the Maestros, director Giovanni Maria Bedeschi shoots the trailer of “Divo Nerone”, featuring Giorgio Adamo in the role of the young emperor.

Open: Backstage trailer

In the heart of Rome, the young emperor comes back to life. Torn between deep passions and atrocious crimes, sublime art and agonising betrayals.

Open: Nero is back

The unique wonder of Ancient Rome beauty will be the scenery welcoming audience. From the Arch of Titus to the Vigna Barberini area, getting to the outdoor theatre on which the show will take place is going to be an authentic walk through History.

Open: Location

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