Rita Pilato, just declared the winner of the casting reveals: Nero and I are a formidable duo

Open: Competition, passion and sensuality: that's how my Poppaea will win

The heart-shaped Sampietrini in St. Peter Square

Open: Nero’s heart still beats in the centre of Rome

The jury- made up of ordinary people and experts- has returned its verdict and has finally declared the name of the 10 performers who will be competing on the 20th of February.


Open: Nero is about to find Poppea: here are the 10 finalists

Top 5 Songs of Franco Migliacci at Sanremo Music Festival

Open: Non solo "Volare"

We go to peek to the rehearsals at Boom Recording Studios, where artists as Zucchero, Jovanotti, De Gregori recorded.

Open: A day behind the scenes of Divo Nerone

The damned tomb of Santa Maria del Popolo

Open: Nero's Ghost

Interview with the manager of the pizzeria Nerone, historical hangout in the heart of Trastevere

Open: Give Nero a pizza

The cocktail Americano revisited in a Roman way


Open: Fire-spitting Nerone Cocktail


Interview with Maria Cristina Selloni, Head of Tourism Department of Rome: “This show makes us dream and might bring Rome back to be a model worldwide.”

Open: With Divo Nerone Opera Rock we bring back into the city the beauty of the Roman Summer

Franco Migliacci and Gino Landi were asked to disclose what are looking for in aspiring protagonists of Divo Nerone.

Open: Ingredients for the perfect Poppaea

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