The contest to assign the role of the famous Emperor’s wife starts on January 9 th . Read the rules below and take part in it.

Open: Nerone is looking for Poppaea

18 October 2016

The rock musical about the famous Emperor Nero has been presented to the press and to tour operators, in the presence of the Italian artistic dream team who will be working on the show.

Open: Nero the Divine returns to burn Rome

Interview with Alessandro D'Alessio, Domus Aurea manager/3

Open: A rock Nero comes back home

Valeria Venturelli, Broadway World

 “For the first time, the greatest Italian musical masters will join forces to create a unique artistic project which will make history

Open: IL DIVO NERONE - OPERA ROCK, Global Debut in Italy

Interview with Alessandro D'Alessio, Domus Aurea manager/2

Open: Nero, emperor of the roman people

Nick Vivarelli, Variety

Dante Ferretti and other Italo heavyweights (his wife and working partner Francesca Lo Schiavo, costume designer Gabriella Pescucci) have all been recruited on this high-profile project, which is penned by Grammy Award-winning Italo lyricist Franco Migliacci.

Open: Rock Opera Staged by Dante Ferretti Will Show Roman Emperor Nero Got a Bad Rap

Interview with Alessandro D'Alessio, Domus Aurea manager/1

Open: Restoring Nero

Ernesto Assante, La Repubblica

Mettete insieme tre premi Oscar, aggiungete un vincitore di Grammy e un regista e coreografo che ha collezionato in televisione e a teatro una serie inaudita di successi. Fateli lavorare insieme a un progetto a un musical ambientato nell’antica Roma, ed avrete come risultato una grande opera rock

Open: La vita di Nerone è un'opera rock nell'antica Roma

On Sunday December 4th museums and monuments in Rome will be open to the public free of charge. Here are some tips to visit the best places where Nero lived.

Open: “Domenica al Museo – how to visit ancient Rome beauty for free”

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