Domus Arena: a theatre full of history

On the Palatine Hill near the Domus Aurea (Nero’s palace), the Domus Arena will be built to host "Divo Nerone - Opera rock" in the summer of 2017. This theatre, which will be specially constructed inside the Vigna Barberini, will boast around 3,000 seats.

Like ancient Roman arenas, the Domus Arena will be divided into four areas: 

  • The Senators’ stalls
  • The Knights’ Terrace
  • The Miles Terrace
  • The Colosseum Terrace

Each terrace will provide audiences with beautiful views of the Colosseum. In particular, from the Colosseum Terrace (the highest of the three), audiences will be able to enjoy stunning panoramas of the most famous landmarks in Rome from their elevated position.

The Roman Forum as you've never seen it before

Special access to the Domus Arena has been granted to spectators by the Soprintendenza (or Heritage Protection Department), the body responsible for preserving the Colosseum and the archaeological area of central Rome. From the terrace, the Forum will offer visitors enchanting night-time views.

Days and times

“Divo Nerone - Opera Rock" will run from 1 June 2017 to 31 August 2017, every day from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closed).
Performances in Italian (with English subtitles):

  • Wednesday
  • Saturday

Performances in English (with Italian subtitles):

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Sunday

The show begins at 9.30 pm

Buy tickets

I Tickets for the show "Divo Nerone - Opera Rock" can be purchased through Ticketmaster. It is also possible to buy tickets from the site, from the TicketOne call centre at 892.101, or at any one of its 1,000 outlets

For tour operators and groups, call 06.32810961 or write to


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