Nero Divine Ventures

Nero Divine Ventures is an initiative promoted by the organisation Artisti Associati & Partners in collaboration with Amygdala, and was established to produce and promote the Divo Nero - Opera Rock show, and to support the brand and the activities linked to the event. The company was founded with a view to promoting Italy’s priceless artistic heritage throughout the world, with the valuable and unique contribution of some of the most famous contemporary masters across the globe, who are able to universally articulate Italian excellence, style and culture.

Nero Divine Ventures is an innovative concept, both in terms of the investment focus that it pursues, and with regard to the way in which it operates per se. The business model aims to establish a network of companies and people who believe in development-oriented investments and growth, based on creativity and talent: the assets that help to create value for the "Made in Italy" movement.


Artisti Associati & Partners

This organisation is the evolution of the famous film distribution company Artisti Associati Spa, founded by Jacopo Capanna in the 80s, and which, over the years, was responsible for distributing blockbusters such as "9½ Weeks", "Robin Hood" starring Kevin Costner and "True Lies" by James Cameron.

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Founded in 2010 by Cristian Casella, Amygdala operates in the audiovisual, film and multimedia industry. Combining the skills of a group of managers with decades of experience in the production of films for cinema and television and of dramas, series and television shows, the company works alongside major national broadcasters.

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