The world-renowned legends responsible for putting on this show will have their pick of an artistic cast selected through a "colossal" casting process, which saw some 2,000 artists, including dancers and acrobats, take part. The artistic cast of Divo Nerone - Opera Rock is composed of:

  • 26 dancers and acrobats
  • 12 singers and actors
  • 100 professionals responsible for lights, machines, special effects and stage equipment

Born in 1985, Giorgio Adamo’s life to date has been filled with bona fide rockstar experiences. He made his début with the song "Wish You Were Here", a Pink Floyd cover, and grew up within the great 70s rock tradition (Deep Purple above all). As a very young man, Giorgio graced stages all over Europe as the frontman of several bands. From small smoky clubs to major outdoor festivals, he honed his singing and performing skills in front of a range of different audiences.

Instinctively fascinated by the theatrical side of rock, in 2007, he took the first steps on a journey that would ultimately lead him towards musical theatre, when he was awarded the part of Telemachus in "Odissea - The Musical" by Gaetano Stella. Fate and his talent led to other "literary" roles: he played Pier Delle Vigne in "La Divina Commedia - L’opera” by Don Marco Frisina; the scion of the Montagues in "Giulietta e Romeo Live 3D" by Claudio Insegno, and took the starring role in "Siddhartha - The Musical".

These experiences allowed Adamo to showcase his considerable interpretive skills, drawing the attention of critics and experts.

“Playing Nero in Nero's house is an indescribable feeling. On the day we shot the trailer, we arrived on set at dawn, and I had the entire Palatine hill all to myself. Spending a whole day working with world-famous artists in such a magical place filled me with emotions that I still struggle to understand. It was like touching history and art with my hand. I can only imagine how I will feel when preforming on stage. "

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