A unique location, a production on an unprecedented scale in Italy, and the sheer, world-leading excellence of some of the greatest Italian names in the field of film, music and entertainment.

“Divo Nerone - Opera Rock ", the show that is set to ignite Rome from 1 June 2017, is all this and much more. 

The musical guides audiences through 14 years in the life of the emperor held responsible for the famous fire of 64 A.D., recounting his achievements, his passions and his complex personality through a historical pop-rock tableau that can be enjoyed by all.

As the first performance ever to be staged on the Vigna Barberini terrace on the Palatine Hill, directly overlooking the Coliseum, this scenery provides an epic, fascinating backdrop to the show, rendering it totally unique. 

Only a team of international experts could pull off such an ambitious project. The production concept by Franco Migliacci (2 Grammy Awards), the sets by Oscar-winner Dante Ferretti, the set decoration by Oscar-winner Francesca Lo Schiavo, the costumes by Oscar-winner Gabriella Pescucci, not to mention the direction of Gino Landi and the superb musical contribution of Luis Bacalov, another Oscar winner, all serve to ensure that audiences from around the world will enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Eternal City.

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